New for Christmas

New for Christmas

9th Dec 2020

We have some new knitting patterns for Christmas, plus some value pattern knitting sets that combine popular designs at a reduced price! 

Christmas Elf Knitting Pattern 

Knit a pair of cute Christmas elves with this simple-to-follow knitting pattern.

Knitted flat on 4mm straight knitting needles, you can use any chunky-weight yarn to make your elves, and add a cheeky smile and pink nose if you like (click on the image below for more information)

Christmas Elves Knitting Pattern

Christmas Baubles Knitting Pattern 

Knit up a set of personalised Christmas baubles to brighten up your Christmas tree with our complete downloadable knitting pattern.

These baubles are knitted flat on 4mm needles, and this pattern is suitable for knitters who can knit, purl and know how to follow increasing and decreasing instructions.(click on the image below for more information)

Christmas Baubles Knitting Pattern

Cheeky Sprouts Knitting Pattern 

Knit a set of Cheeky Sprouts that even the haters will love!

This super simple knitting pattern makes sprouts with a choice of cute facial expressions- knitted up, they make lovely Christmas table decorations, stocking fillers (or soft missiles for stacking and throwing- it's up to you!)

(click on the image below for more information)

Cheeky Sprouts Knitting Pattern

You can find our Value Pattern Sets here

Happy Christmas knitting!